Strong and Sxy

Health and fitness app that offers a personalised workout and meal plan for each user.

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Your personal trainer just got more personal.

Strong and Sxy is the first app which intelligently creates a personalised workout and meal plan calibrated to your goals with unlimited customisation. Let your training adapt to you.

  • Fully customisable
  • Hyper personalised
  • Healthy and delicious recipes
  • Stay accountable

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App Reviews


I really appreciate this app because it is so customizable! I’ve used some of Lisa’s guides in the past and this app is much easier to use and easy to adjust. I’ve had this app since the release and the team has made so much progress. I feel like the workouts are great and the nutrition is even better!


I have been lifting for about two years and felt like I was reaching a plateau or not seeing the results I wanted. I spent too much time trying to create the perfect workout and sometimes I just wanted to mindlessly go into the gym and have something ready for me.


I stumbled upon a clip video of Lisa’s on Pinterest and liked the exercise so much , I found and followed her on Instagram, which then lead me to the App !! Before Strong & Sxy I didn’t have any sort of scheduled plan for my workouts , I was doing just okay with my fitness and I wanted much more..


This is the app you NEED if you’re looking for the best workout routine. This app is made perfectly for everyone, no matter your experience in the gym. You’re brand new to fitness, yes there’s a beginner option. You’ve been working out for years but not seeing the results you want? This app is for you.


I love this app because it takes the guess out of getting fit. Whether your goal is weight loss, getting strong or building muscle, you have tons of options within this app. The app calculates your Marcos based on your weight, height, activity levels and goals.


I love the workouts. Yes, your workout only changes every 4 weeks but there is a method to that and it works! I mainly use the gym version (but am currently using home due to the virus.) normally I would get bored for 4 weeks but the exercises are fun and if you truly need to switch it up, there is an option to switch each exercise with something else for that muscle group.

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