Strong Nutrition Guide

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My STRONG nutrition guide is here!

Written by myself with the help of public health nutritionists, this guide is specially designed to help you get maximum results, gaining Lean muscle mass, size and strength.

  • Template meal plan based on the weight you select.
  • 30+ pages
  • I break down how to calculate your maintenance and surplus calories for maximum results
  • Step by step guide to building your own diet
  • Facts about FAT! It isn’t all bad and I explain this in detail
  • 10 healthy cheat meal recipes
  • I break down everything there is to know about fats, carbs and proteins and the roles of macros
  • How much water you should be drinking
  • Supplements, vitamins and minerals to help you get STRONG 
  • Meal timings
  • Training day and rest day food advise
  • The importance of sleep

Make sure to select your dietary requirements AND your current weight when selecting your product